The Journey Ahead

Tiny backstory: I’m a nurse who works in a prison, so I get to see some crazy things sometimes. I have an amazing boyfriend who I spend all of my time with. I don’t have a lot of friends because I prefer the company of family. I love to travel, just don’t have enough time. I workout almost daily (as long as my honey pushes me to) and I love to learn new things…which may be why I wanted to try to blog….who knows!  /backstory.

This will be used to remind myself of the good and bad times. There will be tidbits of my life here and there (especially when venting is truly needed.) Otherwise, I’ll try to keep it upbeat in order to mostly remind myself to see the good in life.

Today was the third day of an 8-week hardcore trainer by Kris Gethin. Just try it! Two cardio sessions a day…that’ll put you in the “New Year, New You” spirit. Twenty minutes of climbing stairs this morning after a vicious leg day on Monday was just what the fat doctor ordered. 😛
If you want to destroy them big girl legs like I have, try his day one workout plan. Modify it if you need to. We did:

Leg Press 3×15 (1.5 rep each)
Barbell Squats 3×15 (2 second pause at bottom)
Giant Set–
Leg Extensions 10/10/10 triple drop set
Walking Lunges 10
Bodyweight Squats 10
Calf Raises 5×30
Abs: (your new favorite!)
Hanging Leg Raises to failure
Lying Leg Raises to failure

It was definitely intense and had me huffing and puffing by the end of it. Mind you, my boyfriend and I have been working out regularly for the past two years almost. We’re not exactly “in shape” though if you were to look at us. [I’m worse than him of course, since he still has his nice body from high school and I’ve put on more since graduating college and keep continuing to try to cut it off.] Anyways, enough about that.

Basically, my goal here is to try to post things like workout sessions, DIY nail art, me building things from (mostly) Ana White’s website, oil paintings, trying new recipes, and since I got a fancy new sewing machine for Christmas from my wonderful boyfriend, I’ll add some nonsense of me trying to sew things. I love to learn new skills..let’s just hope I’m good at sharing the skills!

Always, Alyssa.


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